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Hamed Daei Solo Exhibition at Dena Gallery


Hamed Daei Photography Solo Exhibition - Curated by Soroosh Milanizadeh


Soroosh Milanizadeh on this exhibition:

Photography of the theater "Mountain language/Faith in ourselves" directed by Ali Akbar Alizad, is the basic material used in this exhibition.
Looking into my 20 years of experience in theater photography and 12 years in teaching this branch of photography, I believe, for having a theater photography exhibition in an art gallery, there must be a strong reason.
Hamed in a special period of his life (in military ) ,with a focused look in his first experience in theater photography, sits on a same chair and photographs this theater for 29 nights! 29 nights on the same chair! I'm happy that I didn't know Hamed back then because definitely I would have stopped him from doing that!
This is exactly where the media and technic has less importance and attach to artist and the artist captures his true personal view.
The main character in these photographs and also in the video art, even with the existence of other people, are alone. In fact these photographs are the result of the artist's situation in that period of time and he seems to have a self satisfaction by repeating that very specific situation over and over again, as if he is keeping himself reminded and has consciously/unconsciously taken the photographs to psychological and social aspects of human relationships.
Metaphorical aspects of this view are so clear in these pictures. This trying in visual study and a true personal view of a young bright artist had me have a small corporation to make this exhibition and visualize this spiritual and emotional situation.

Soroosh Milanizadeh
January 2018

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